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Whether you are person who has a general interest in the subject of diabetes or you have been recently diagnosed with this disease or you have been  suffering from it for a long time, this is the site for you.
We will attempt to clear the confusion and frustration surrounding the disease.
We will try to  and educate you and spread awareness about this disease 

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We are actively working to educate, inspire and empower our readers with the latest high information and online content about diabetes. Posts written by our experts and curated from the internet are regularly uploaded . We regularly review the latest developments in drugs , gadgets and other products used for treating and monitoring diabetes.


We offer reviews and recommendations of various products and items marketed for diabetics. We also have an online store for sale of high quality and useful items, in collabaration with well known vendors and manufacturers


We offer appetising food and beverage recipes from expert dieticians and nutritionists, designed to help you eat the right food and keep your sugar levels in control

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