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What can we do for you?

This website is dedicated to helping everyone in prevention, management and treatment of diabetes

Whether you are a newly diagnosed diabetic, a chronic patient or are just interested in finding out everything about diabetes, this website can help you immensely.

We cover diabetes education, complications, treatments, management, nutrition, exercise, products needed for a diabetic person, recipes, latest developments and news about Diabetes.

You need not look anywhere else.

Our blog has a lot of informative and interesting posts covering tips, knowledge, insights into self-care and new developments in the treatment and management of diabetes. These are written by health care professionals as well as curated from other well known authoritative blogs and websites.

Our paid fora and free newsletter give help you in managing diabetes and you will receive the latest information in your inbox.

We also provide a wide range of services and products for diabetic people and some of these are supplied by us or from well known manufactures 

What you will gain from this site

  • Learn about diabetes and how it affects the body
  • How to manage and prevent diabetes
  • How to monitor diabetes
  • Learn about the latest drugs and medications that are available in the market and their reviews
  • Learn about correct exercise for diabetics
  • Learn about correct nutrition for diabetics
  • Get interesting recipes tailored for diabetes
  • Learn about the financial implications of diabetes

Who has set up this website

This site has been set up with the help of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals and Internet Entrepreneurs who have over 20 years of experience in managing and controlling diabetes for thousands of patients.

They have specialised knowledge of diabetes and have helped even the most difficult and problematic patients.

All the content and information has been vetted by them

What do you want to know about?

Learn about Diabetes

What is diabetes? When do the doctors consider a person to be diabetic? Learn about diabetes and its complications

Treatment: Drugs and Medication

What are the medicines currently used for the treatment of diabetes

Monitoring your diabetes

Blood glucose level control and target organ damage

Exercise and Weight loss

Recomended exercise and target weight

Correct Nutrition for Diabetics

Amount and Composition of the diet needed for optimum health

Interesting Recipes tailored for Diabetes

A variety of recipes tailored for your native diets

Financial implications of Diabetes

How much will it cost for your regular medications and insulin? Annual costs of tests, medicines and other recurring expenses

Our Services to help you

Learn about our various services to help you manage and treat your diabetes , provided by experts

Marketplace for Products

Check out our Online store for a wide variety of products available for diabetics

What you should ask your Doctor

Are you asking your Doctor the relevant questions about your disease?

Selecting and Assessing your Doctor

Are you being treated properly? Ask your Doctor these questions to know if he is really the right person to treat you

Alternate Medicine & Therapies

Learn about Alternate medicines and therapies commonly available in the market

Obesity & Weight loss goals

Learn about how to manage your weight and obesity

Exercise for Diabetics

Learn what exercises you need to do to control your diabetes

Medical Insurance

Learn about what is covered and not covered by your medical insurance

Coming soon

Look out for this space. More interesting information about diabetes coming soon

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